T O M O R R O W ' S    A E R O S P A C E   S O L U T I O N S

Military & Special Missions

The Future Jet Group extends its full range of engineering and certification services into all realms of Military aircraft. Our expertise and historical experience is rich with projects both large and small on virtually every type of Military aircraft and within all service branches.

Our Team

The Future Jet Group is made up of a very tight knit group of heavily experienced engineers, DER’s and administrators that share a common zeal for providing turnkey solutions. Our professionals possess the knowledge and working experience and “creative solution skills” to consistently confront and resolve difficult challenges for a myriad of customers and projects in all facets of aviation.


FJG offers the ability to have visibility of the design information throughout the process. FJG can supply on-site staff members and liaisons to your installation/development facilities. Our professional staff are ready to meet your challenges at a moment’s notice.

FJG has an agile process for sharing and distributing information both in-house and with the client. It helps you save valuable time, reduce project cost, and provide a painless solution. FJG shortens the design development process, eliminating the need to outsource to multiple firms by providing a One-Stop-Shop.