T O M O R R O W ' S    A E R O S P A C E   S O L U T I O N S

A B O U T   F U T U R E   J E T


The Future Jet Group, Inc has more than 38 years of continuous experience in aircraft modification, structural/mechanical systems and the integration of avionics and electronic systems tailored to specific customer requirements. We have modified and designed aircraft for TC, STC, Executive and VIP applications which included cockpit and cabin systems integration, configuration and design of accommodations, as well as special mission requirements. Our staff is experienced in design and certification for over 30 different aircraft including:  747, 737, 767, 727, 707, DC-10, MD-80, Gulfstream Aircraft, Lear Jet, Cessna, Bombardier and more. Most importantly, The Future Jet Group provides SOLUTIONS.